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ADMA FW Verision
Version Fixed /Changed
Fixed: ignore dual antenna heading if configured offsets do not match with the GNSS measured antenna distance
Changed: improved robustness of automatic correction of small (<5°) dual antenna mounting inaccuracies
Version Features Added
Feature added: webinterface: function for automatic determination of standstill threshold
Feature added: automatic correction of small dual antenna mounting inaccuracies
Feature added: ignore dual antenna heading, if baseline does not match the configured dual antenna offsets
Fixed /Changed
Fixed: wrong relative position for 0.5s after measurement start in RTK mode
Fixed: webinterface: page reload resets language to English
Fixed: clipping of INS_Vel >160 m/s
Fixed: AddonBraking: no MFDD calculation for velocity triggered measurement if ext. trigger is activated but not used
Changed: improved stability of lateral position and velocity in short GNSS outage situations
Changed: improved standstill detection in RTK mode
Changed: increase elevation angle cutoff from 5° to 10° for GAL and BDS
Changed: AddonBraking: round auto start velocity to nearest *5 or *10 m/s
Changed: AddonFilter: default values changed to order = 4 and Frequency = 8Hz
Changed: improved INS-velocity for very slow movements in good GNSS environment
Changed: output of Sats-used instead of Sats-visible in steering robot data
Removed: CAN parameter “no ack stops measurement“
Removed: Omnistar configuration for OEM7 Novatel receivers
Version Features Added
Feature added: AddOn Filter
Fixed /Changed
Fixed: inaccurate relative position data and DELTA data after config change without measurement restart
Changed: improved stability after long GNSS outage
Version Features Added
Feature added: support of Indoor Positioning System (IPS)
Feature added: AddOnDelta: new setting “recurrence interval”: repetition interval of the
last valid DELTA data in msec after EGO data loss (CAN output only)
Feature added: web-interface / German language
Feature added: web-interface / new SBAS systems selectable
Feature added: sensor temperature warning handling optimization
Feature added: new output data: GNSS Satellites used for Dual-Ant
Feature added: set relative position reference point and heading possibility to rotate the relative coordinate system)
Feature added: configuration options for use of Dual Antenna Heading
Feature added: AddOnBraking: “automatic start velocity” option
Feature added: change certain parameters without measurement stop
Feature added: ABD robot ethernet interface v7
Feature added: configuration of receiver type (internal/IPS/none)
Fixed /Changed
Fixed: invalid data sample in INS_Vel during Auto-Init
Fixed: changes in correction data format settings were not applied correctly
Fixed: wrong temperature values right after boot
Fixed: minor bugs in the web-interface
Fixed: sporadic NaN entries during auto Roll/Pitch
Fixed: AddOnBraking: unwanted reset of abort flags
Changed: web-interface / DGNSS Presets do not affect the baudrate settings
Changed: barometer functionality no longer available
Changed: new output data version v3.3.3
Changed: 16bit resolution for Dual-Ant Heading standard deviation
Changed: min. velocity for GNSS-course ouput: setting is fixed to 1m/s
Changed: min. velocity for heading control range is now 1-7m/s
Changed: min. velocity for Auto-Init range is now 1-7m/s
Changed: suppress Dual-Ant control during standstill
Changed: reset “measuring range trespassed bit” at start of measurement
ADMA GNSS Receiver FW Version
FW 7.08.00 Features Added
Track BeiDou B2b signal
Support PwrPak7Q-E2 and PwrPak7DQ-E2, with no Wi-Fi
Spoofing detection on GPS L1 C/A signals
FW 7.07.04 Features Added
TerraStar-X is now supported with a subscription and a receiver model that is unlocked for RTK.
Support for the PwrPak7-E2 (with Epson370 IMU) and all variants
Output information for use in interference location detection
FW 7.07.01 Features Added
SPAN Marine Profile
SPAN Rail Profile
PP7 WiFi Client
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