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Company loved from customers with New challenges and Technologies

Welcome to the website of E&S Korea.

Our employees perform their duties based on mutual trust of both the company and our customers. We provide the best engineering and optimal
solutions based on our long experience and practical expertise in the same industry.

We offer and supply the exhaust gas and dynamometer measurement test equipment that our customers require to meet their application purposes.
We are especially committed to providing customized solutions to meet our customers' needs. Also, the necessary temperature control (cooling control system) in the laboratory is applied to various test specimens (Engine TM, AXLE, Intercooler, OIL, E-Motor, Inverter, etc.) and is being supplied and used according to the test conditions.

In addition, we have developed and supplied the Customized Test Data Integration System (TDMS) for DB, reporting, analysis, and management of data on big data-related test result outputs. And We also develop, supply exhaust gas (ship, vehicle, etc.) measuring equipment and monitoring systems.
Currently providing a Comprehensive virtual testing environment and Unique test laboratory for autonomous driving with ALP.Lab of Austria.
We promise to supply SIL / HIL / VIL (Driving cube), Proving ground test, Public road test, Data and cloud service for ADAS / ADV.

We, E&S Korea, actively support our employees' capacity development and value development under the management philosophy of One family.
We will become a company composed of members who strive to maximize customer value by providing them with the necessary information and providing various test techniques of overseas leading companies.

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